Top five tips to revamp your garden - Ex10Living

With summer not too far away, you may be thinking about upgrading your garden. We are here to help with our top 5 tips for revamping your garden with new furniture. Whether you are looking for a full revamp or looking for the finishing touches, you can find some new inspiration that will enhance your outdoor living space.  


 Modular Garden furniture  

 When it comes to choosing your outside furnishings choosing the right garden furniture can be tricky. You want something that will withstand the outdoors environment, be strong and sturdy so it is important to make the right decisions.  Modular garden furniture provides you will many great options that you will love. They can be assembled into different configurations and are available in various colour options. You can make the perfect outdoor corner sofa or separate the components to assemble separate smaller sofa sets.  



New Polo Corner Lounge 

Ambient outdoor lighting  

 Create the right atmosphere with a solar panel based illuminating system with lights that turn on automatically when dark. Our lights are not only great for the environment, but you also won’t need an outdoor power supply. With this low-level lighting you can place it at ground level or even on your stairway. 

Choose from our Auora or Onda light collections which come in many shapes and sizes.The perfect light accessory allowing you to create those finishing touches in your garden. 


Garden accessories   

This innovative dining cart is the perfect accessory for hosting parties on warm summer day. Store your ice buckets and cool drinks here if you need added space when hosting guests. 


Emoti dining cart 


Flower baskets 

Create attractive accents in your garden with these fashionable flower baskets. Why not add multiple flower baskets to add some colour to your garden and bring it to life. One of the quickest ways to refresh your garden.  


Icon Flower Basket 


Coffee Tables  

A coffee table is a great finishing touch to add to your garden. After your seating a table is the most important piece because it holds drinks, reading material and your radio. This innovative coffee table allows you to store cool drinks in the ice bucket compartment. What an upgrade.  

New York Coffee Table