The ceramized lava stone - Ex10Living

The latest addition to our store features the ceramized lava stone tables, commonly called "decorated ceramic tables". These are made of slabs of natural stone of volcanic origin, handcrafted by expert artists. Using volcanic stone as the "body" of the tables provides a strong and resistant to atmospheric agents, temperature changes and breakage. 


What is lava stone? 

Disimilar to classical ceramic, magmatic stone is not a dough, but a slab of natural stone extracted from the volcanic quarries. 

To make tables, kitchen tops, coverings and panels, the lava stone is taken from Etna volcano in Sicily and the volcanic stone from Lazio quarries. Both stone are extracted from old solidified lava flows. 

All impurities are removed from the stone, glazed with with ceramic glazes, hand painted and fired at 1000 degrees celcius. The final product is waterproof, heat proof, resists salty air and any other atmospheric agents, it is shock and scratch resistant and does not request any maintenance. It is a lasting beauty that is almost eternal.  


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