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Three outdoor garden furniture sets you’ll love 

We often describe spring as a time of rebirth and renewal. The trees begin to blossom, and the flowers push through the earth. Things are coming to life! And everything around us has a fresh new outlook. However, our homes and spaces are looking for a retouch and refresh.A good spring clean can only get you so far, so you may be wondering what purchases you could make to refresh your space; we want to make a few suggestions.

 Elevate your seating situation 

The Emoti corner lounge is a brilliant way to energize any patio. The thick upholstery makes this set extra comfortable, meaning you’ll never want to leave! The series has a bold design, built with high-quality materials for the outdoors.The aluminium frame radiates stability, low maintenance and weather resistance. The FSC certified teak accents blend any outdoor space with nature. Tied together with Olefin fabric, the set encompasses water resistance, comfortable living and years of UV resistance.

An eye-catching piece makes an instant statement and allows extra seating when you need it. It also creates a new, modern cosy seating situation in your space, with cushions and a design perfect for lounging in the sun.

Make a good first impression

Modern life calls for something beautiful and practical. Create the perfect look with our New York Lounge Double Seater Sofa, which comes in an eye-catching black finish, and will blend effortlessly with other pieces in our range.This sofa from our New York Collection uses natural teak wood and high-end paint on the frames to convey a strong dynamic feeling. It can be integrated into different environments for use.This set includes the single sofa, double sofa, and coffee table, which doubles as an ice bucket for those hot days when you need a refreshing drink.

Dress up the area with planters and greenery or some fresh blooms picked from the garden for instant spring style.

 Emoti Dining

Our Emoti collection is our most popular range, thanks to its sustainable and practical design. It has many great features, including UV, water and stain-resistant material, quick drying, and you can leave it outdoors 365 days a year. The Emoti collection offers two colours to choose from to help suit your colour schemes. The chairs are incredibly comfortable with their soft touch cushions. This makes a great place to sit with your guests. The rectangular dining table offers a great space to talk to all of your guests.As you can see, there are lots of ways to refresh your space this spring, with a full range of outdoor furniture for every room that needs an upgrade. What upgrades are you considering this year? Let us know on our Instagram or Facebook.