5  pots and planter styles for indoor and outdoor use - Ex10Living

If you're a fan of the retro aesthetic we have some great pot and planter inspiration for your home and garden. 

Modern Retro is a great style to use to upgrade your space - a flash from the past with a modern twist. Retro interior design is an electric mix of old styles and new forms, or new forms with old materials and finishes. 

Cubic Yo 

Cubic Yo is a pot with a linear but at the same time irregular design: the various parallelepipeds from which it is made create movement to the whole shape with elegance and essential, ideal for contract, events and private homes. Created by the famous designer Giulio Cappellini, Cubic Yo is a functional design object thanks to its wheels and its modular design.

Cubic Yo is available in many finishes. It is ideal to living areas, terraces and large public spaces, both indoor and outdoor. 


Wave Pot 

Summer and elegant, Wave Pot reminds the movements of a sinuous wave. In its luminous version, Wave Pot is ideal for light up spaces and draw areas, in a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.

In addition to the strong visual impact, Wave Pot can also be a multipurpose design object: it can be a pot or a modular bench, when you turn it upside down. The two products could talk together to create optimized spaces for every need. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces, furnished with contemporary and refined taste.



Privé is a pot with a sinuous design that becomes an elegant divider, when it is completed with panel in plexiglass. Privé is sophisticated but functional at the same time, thanks to its modularity. For this reason it is a perfect option for small and big areas, both indoor and outdoor. The lacquered model makes Privé more sophisticated, while the luminous model gives a touch of magic to the whole area. The pot divider is ideal to terraces, gardens or indoor room of contract, events and home.

Base Pot 

Base Pot is a minimalist family of pots. Its shape of parallelepiped, the different dimensions and many colours in which is available, allows Base Pot to be the perfect decoration in every kind of settings. Base Pot is ideal to give a colourful elegance both in indoor and outdoor.


I-Pot is a luminous pot with an essential design: it is ideal to light up anonymous corners in both contract project and private homes, both for indoor and outdoor settings. Its cylindrical shape and its many different dimensions make I-Pot suitable for small and large areas.