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With summer not too far away, you may be thinking about upgrading your garden.

 At EX10 living we believe the outside of your home is as important as the inside.  But garden furniture has to be sturdier than indoor furniture as it has to go through a lot. So when it comes to deciding on your outdoor furniture you need to make the right decisions.

 From small to large gardens, it is possible to create a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space with luxury outdoor furniture.

 Whether you want to design a dining space for all the family or a space to chill with a few drinks in the sun there are options for every kind of space.


  1. Decide what you want to use your garden space for


You might want to sit back in the sun and listen to music. Or maybe you’d love something bigger where the whole family or friends can gather for parties.


Our recommendations


Airport sun lounge set 


Nofi Dining set 


2.How to make the most of a small garden

 One thing to note is that there are less options when it comes to choosing furniture for a small garden. Therefore, it is easier to make decisions and pick the right furniture.

 Loungers and tables or a dining set works best in smaller gardens. There are lots of different options.

 Our recommendations

New York Lounge Double-sofa set

New York Corner Lounge Set


4. Create a space for lounging

 If you plan on making more use of your garden this summer, you’ll be thinking about a corner lounge to add to chill on after dinner or by the pool.

 Our recommendations

 New Polo Corner Lounge Set 


New York Corner Lounge - Black 

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